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Rose Ellis, painter


Rose Ellis | Painter, Sculptress

"The best part of life is randomness.
It's the discovery, not a re-working of what everyone else has done.
That's my path & that's my inspiration."    Rose Ellis

Rose Ellis' paintings and sculptures are inspired by a wide range of subjects, both classical and contemporary. She explores landscapes, florals, architecture and abstraction in a colorful, whimsical, style with creative perspectives and dynamic compositions. Her work has been widely collected and graces the walls of private homes, educational institutions, corporate offices, medical facilities and other venues worldwide.

Rose Ellis is a West Michigan artist who earned her degree in studio art from the University of Michigan.  During her career she has lived and worked in the Virgin Islands, Tuscany, the American southwest, the Great Lakes, the Loire Valley, and Japan—all of which have been a creative inspiration for her work.

She is known for her series of large oil paintings of landscapes, florals and abstracts inspired by her frequent travels at home and abroad. Her recent work includes a series of paintings that are colorful landscapes of the reflections found within soap bubbles, and seasonal portratits of Michigan's outdoor landscapes. These vibrant canvases have garnered best-of-show awards in national exhibitions. Her landscape and floral paintings also demonstrate her love of experimentation. For example, in her classical subjects she occasionally uses her own "faux fresco" approach, treating her canvas with specially-prepared gesso that simulates the cracked plaster appearance of antique fresco works. On the other hand, her unusual perspectives upon subjects like DaVinci's "Horse" or "Colonnade" bring familiar works of art and oft-seen Graeco-Roman columns to life. Sometimes Rose will experiment with color, as in the rich, colorous hues of "Geneva Station" (Switzerland). Or she'll celebrate the natural world in stunning and provocative representational paintings like "Edge of Woods." 

Rose is skilled painting in both small and large formats. Sometimes she combines her love of classical architecture with computer tools to produce digitally generated commissions that transform environments with large wall-size murals of classical buildings. Her billboard-size permanent installations of New York City’s “Carnegie Hall” and Chicago’s “Lyric Opera” for the Music Department at Grand Valley State University are good examples of this. Other clients have found her "miniature" five-by-five and six-by-six paintings charming when arranged together in groups of two and three.

Rose occasionally works in three-dimensions with sculpture and sculptured pieces. Her installation, "The Age of Discovery" for Grand Valley State University’s Pew Center rotunda, incorporates seagulls flying amid oil paintings of square-rigged ships and renaissance seaports.  And her life-size classical winterstone sculpture of the goddess Artemesia graces a private collection located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.